Modern Jig Set Dances

Modern Jig Set Dances

The following are the Modern Set Dances that are acceptable to Cumann Rince Dea Mheasa.


Note: The dancer must perform an original choreographed piece where a competition states “Set Dance”. Traditional versions of the dances will not be accepted.


    1. Blackthorn Stick

    2. Deep Green Pool

    3. Donegal Rambler

    4. Drunken Gauger

    5. Fiddler Round the Fairy Tree

    6. Humours of Bandon

    7. Hurling Boys

    8. Hurry the Jug

    9. Jockey to the Fair

    10. Miss Brown’s Fancy

    11. Orange Rogue

    12. Planxty Drury

    13. Rub the Bag

    14. Sprig of Shillelagh

    15. Storyteller

    16. St. Patrick’s Day

    17. Three Sea Captains

    18. Wandering Musician

    19. Planxty Irwin

    20. Rí Laois

    21. Planxty Hugh O’Donnell

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